TPA's mission statement: To be the single, collective voice for the Tennessee commercial poultry sector in support of promoting education, policy and public relations for the sustainment of our industry.

The Tennessee Poultry Association works in partnership with the broiler and primary breeder poultry companies, growers, universities, UT Extension, TN Department of Agriculture and the associated agri-businesses to promote, protect, and enhance the commercial poultry industry in the state.

TPA is very proactive in monitoring and addressing regulatory and legislative concerns and serves as a clearinghouse for information and resources to the Tennessee poultry industry. TPA annually hosts various educational seminars and workshops for growers, service techs, and the entire industry regarding the latest in best management practices.

Members receive complimentary subscriptions to the Poultry Times bi-monthly magazine and to TPA's electronic quarterly newsletter. Grower member families are also eligible to apply for one of TPA's annual college scholarships. All members and their families are invited to the annual meeting that is typically held on a Friday in August in Nashville, followed by various social and fundraising events.

To request more information or to become a member, e-mail info@tnpoultry.org or call (931) 225-1123.