Information regarding in-house and on-site mass mortality composting & disposal methods to have on file is as follows:

  1. Below are links to several publications from the Univ. of Ark, Univ. of Delaware and the Univ. of TN on these topics, and a technical paper from Sweden on composting management.
  2. Video: On-Site Composting Poultry Mortality - The Emergency Response to Disease Control\
  3. Dr. Shawn Hawkins (865-201-7480 or 865-207-7156) and Dr. Forbes Walker (865-974-6402) at the Univ. of TN in their Ag Biosystems Engineering department are both experts in dealing with mass mortality composting and disposal if anyone would like to consult with either of them at any time.

Everyone that would be planning to compost is encouraged to have a readily available carbon source identified for each premise, and to be guaranteed of availability and service especially in areas where geographical regions may overlap with other complexes in the event of a highly pathogenic outbreak.

Each premise is also encouraged to obtain mapping and assistance to pre-determine if on-site burial is an option should the need ever arise. Burial permits are not needed for TN since Ag is exempt under the solid waste guidelines (but could be required for some local jurisdictions) but everyone must stay compliant of course regarding proximity to water sources, possible leachate concerns, and soil depth and type must be mapped and determined in advance to know if burial is even possible. Everyone is also encouraged to have pre-arranged heavy equipment operators readily available should the need ever arise if on-site burial is to be the preferred method of disposal. Local NRCS offices can assist with mapping and interpretation but are not authorized to approve or recommend burial sites. Large compounds/premises may wish or need to consult with a certified soil scientist or hydrologist in making a site selection in advance.

Sunbelt Rentals has portable heating equipment that is being used to heat up infected houses to 110+ degrees to eradicate the AI virus as part of ongoing cleanup and disinfection efforts in the upper Midwest. Bart Smith with Sunbelt can be reached at 205.602.2485.

May the need for any of this of course never arise.